Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome to Our Mustache Bash

My eldest baby boy turned 6 and my little peanut is 1.  Where does the time go?  I'm overwhelmed by how quick this last year has gone with Levi and that Noah is officially a "kid".  Because both of their birthdays are in June, we had a Little Man/Big Man birthday party!  It was perfect for Noah...he would dress in a suit and tie everyday if I let him!  David did an awesome job creating the cutest invites, and I really enjoyed decorating with mustaches and neck ties!

Levi's smash cake was a mustache.  Noah wanted his own cake, so I attempted making a neck tie!  Cupcakes were on the tower, but I guess I hadn't put them out yet!
 The photo booth
 The neck tie garland with pictures of the boys from throughout the year.
 We had a mustache for each of our guests.  The party favor was a comb and the tag said "Thanks for "combing" to our party!"  Thank you Pinterest!
 I had to show the gigantic bounce house David got from church.  Our house is back there!
 The little man! 
 Some of the crazy party goers!
After crying while we sang him "Happy Birthday", Levi got right into his cake and enjoyed it thoroughly!
 The birthday boys...
...and Gavin! 

I love celebrating these sweet boys.  I know all of the decorations and food doesn't matter too much, but I pray that each of my boys know how loved and special God has made them.  I pray that they realize that God places their family and friends in their life to help mold and shape them into who they are and who they will become.  I pray they understand that is why we celebrate them...not for the cake and presents but because in His image, God created them.  That's definitely reason to celebrate!


  1. I'm so glad to see pictures! They are all so precious. Where does the time go:) Love you all!

  2. oh, amanda, your boys are indeed SO big, and handsome! time DOES fly so fast! i'm feeling the same tug of how fast they are changing.
    FUN party!

    miss you!