Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall 2013 (Part 3)

Last Fall, it was time for Little Bit to get his first haircut.  (It's out of control as I type this!).  He was a trooper and enjoyed his dum-dum when he was finished.  
 One of the biggest things I miss from preschool are there wonderful programs throughout the year.  Between the field trips and the well thought out holiday programs, the preschool does an excellent job showcasing what a wonderful school it is.  Here is Gavin's class getting ready for their feast!
 My Little Pilgrim
Trinity also participates in the Christmas parade in Seneca each year.  Gavin's first parade!
 Wacky Day for Gavin
 Let the Christmas parties begin!  It'll be sad when they no longer want me at their parties!
 Pajamas on again!
 Sweet Miss Noe.  We're so thankful Gavin has her this year for kindergarten!