Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the road again to St. Louis

Three days after we returned from Alaska the boys, mom and I packed up the car and headed to St. Louis. As always, we had a great trip. The boys get along so well and Scott and Abatha are the BEST hosts!

We spent time at the park,
played with Buzz Lightyear,
cooled off in the fountains,
went through about 50 sparklers, (Yes, that is my son holding something on fire! We thought the day would never come!)
and played dress-up!

Alaska Part Two

Juneau was our second stop on the trip. We spent our time exploring beautiful Glacier Gardens and the Mendenhall Glacier. Glacier Gardens is located inside a national rainforest.
The flowers that they grow in this place are amazing. Everything was so green and lush. These are actually trees flipped upside down and flowers planted in the roots.

I wonder how much these hanging baskets would cost at Lowe's?

I can see why many people get married here!
We then headed to the Mendenhall Glacier. This was my favorite stop of the entire trip. It was hard to comprehend that this "piece" of ice was formed back in the Ice Ages.
The turquoise color was magnificent!
Our next stop was Skagway. We were all pretty much exhausted, so we spent our time in Skagway enjoying the town and the fresh air.
David seemed to enjoy this picture taking point of view on our trip.
It was a quaint little town with breathtaking scenery.
And of course, we ate!
We spent the next two days at sea. It was so nice to rest, read and...eat! The boat provided great entertainment and lots of things to do. I was so relaxed I have very few photos documenting these days. Here are a couple of me and the hubby all dressed up.
I loved our pizza makers!
We ended our port stops in Victoria, British Columbia. It was a short visit (4 hours), so we toured what we could. It is another beautiful place! Here is Parliament.
It cost a mere $360 a night to stay at the Empress Hotel.
Because of the rain they get, their flowers are BEAUTIFUL. David kept making us sit down in the flowers for pictures.
Victoria at night
On our last night, David went out with a bang and won the Princess Pop Star Idol!
What a great trip! I will be forever thankful to Gary and Rhonda for this opportunity. It so amazing to see God's beauty and majesty outside your everyday surroundings. He is so great and so mighty!
How lovely is your dwelling place, oh Lord Almighty!

Alaska Part One

Our trip to Alaska was absolutely amazing. It was so majestic and pure. I am going to attempt to trim down the trip to a few pictures. I will post as many as possible on FB in the next couple of weeks. Here it goes...

We began our journey in Seattle. What a great place!
On Sunday, we boarded our ship,
and the eating began!
We spent our first day at sea exploring the ship and...eating!
Our first formal night. Isn't my hubby handsome?!
Ketchikan was our first stop.
We saw totem poles, eagles and lots of salmon. This city also provided the best clam chowder I have ever had! Am I still talking about the food?

The next morning our boat did some scenic cruising through Tracy Arm. Here we saw beautiful mountains and a huge glacier. It was almost hard to believe you were looking at something real. This glacier was absolutely amazing! If you look in the middle of the picture, you can actually see a part of the glacier making its way into the water.

*Okay, that is only half of the trip, and I am running out of time, so I will post on the 2nd half by the end of the week! Hope you've enjoyed!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alaska Post Coming Soon

David and I returned from our wonderful Alaskan cruise on Sunday. We had a magnificent time and took thousands (literally) of pictures. The boys, mom and I are headed to St. Louis on Wednesday, so my turn-around time for uploading pictures is a bit too short. Be on the look out next week...