Monday, September 17, 2012

The Cottage and Soccer

Every time we go to the pediatrician for a well-check he asks me if I am taking enough pictures.  Well, Dr. Stewart, I say that I am, but alas, I stink at taking pictures.  Time is flying by and Levi will be 3 months old on Friday!  What!!!  I did manage to take some pictures at the cottage and I have two (so far) of Noah playing soccer.  There were plenty of pictures taken in NY, but I have to hound the photographers for copies!

Our trip to NY was just perfect, as always.  I love it so much.  We headed up the week before Labor Day this year because Noah started school the Tuesday after the holiday.  It was the perfect week to be there.  They weather was great, and there was a lot of "quiet" time, so the kids and I were able to spend good quality time with my aunts, cousins and Grandma.  Grandma even joined in a few games of Go Fish with us.  The boys love George and Michaela immensely, so their presence was also a special treat!

The boys got right in the (cold) lake and enjoyed swimming to the raft like old pros.  They loved to go on the kayak, fish with Paka, play with George and their other cousins.  Grandma was up and about a ton this year...she even got in the lake a few times!  Levi was perfect (as usual) and particularly loved taking naps in his swing outside.  My family is super special to me and this time is such a necessity for my spirit.  I couldn't ask for a better family and look forward to my favorite trip again next year!
Grandma heading for the lake in her new swimsuit purchased for the occasion!

 The whole crew enjoying the water.  We have been going to the cottage for over 20 years, but this was my Uncle Frank's first time to the raft!
 I love the smile on her face!
 It's easy to nap at the cottage.  If you know my dad, you know he really was asleep!
Team sports have begun at the Odom house.  Noah really wanted to play baseball, but soccer is the only sport offered in the fall.  When we asked him, he said he would like to play soccer, so we signed him up.  Seneca soccer was full, so he is on a team in Clemson.  This worked out great because they do small-sided soccer, so there are only 3 players from each team in the game at a time.  All of the kids actually get to play and have contact with the ball.  He scored one goal his first game and THREE goals his second game!  David is the coach and loving every minute of it.  The season lasts for 7 weeks...just long enough!  More pictures to come!