Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Great Read

A few post ago, I recommended the book, "40 Days Without Food" as a must read for all of my fellow reader friends. I finished the book, and I concur that this is a MUST READ. Russ has been a friend for many years, so this was such a privilege to be able to share in his amazing, life-changing experience. I felt like Russ was talking to me throughout the book, which made it a personal read. Russ combines wit, knowledge and beautiful descriptions to walk you through his 40 days without food. I found that each day was interwoven with a powerful message of God's grace, sovereignty and love. I want to go back and read it again with a highlighter! This is a must read people. I will leave you with one of my many favorite quotes from the book, one which particularly hit home for me.

Day 36 "I've cared with all my being, but nothing in my being has the power to control certain circumstances around me. I've been trying to be the god of my universe, but I'm not God. I must rise above circumstances or I'll always be a puppet to them. I remember the promise: "You're not alone in this. I have blue skies for you." Peace arrives, for I don't have to make everything happen. It's no easy thing to quit playing God and let him be that for you, to place your cares in his hands. It's doesn't mean we quit living or making decisions, but means we quit manipulating and worrying. Then we will be free to live for the things that can never be taken from us. I'm seeing this is all about freedom."

It is available on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad (via the free Kindle app for iPad). More info is on Russ' website:


The Surprise

I was finally able to collect some pictures from David's Surprise 30th Birthday party at the Gwinnett Braves game. We had a great turn out (around 60 people), the weather was unseasonably cool, and most importantly, we actually surprised David. He said that he had no idea...0%. Everyone did such a good job helping me out! What a great memory!

Here's the group patiently awaiting David's arrival.

My mom came out to get us to give us our tickets. She then led us to the spot where everyone was waiting!

I LOVE the look on his face in this last picture. This moment brought such relief (keeping a secret is hard work for me) and such happiness. To have so many people we love able to be there to celebrate David was extra special. And David already knows, I will NEVER throw a surprise party for him again! (Maybe I should read my last blog!)

I Said I Would Never

For those of you who know me a bit, you know I can be on the opinionated side. I have been known to stick my foot in my mouth a few (too many) times. We have made some changes recently in our family, and they are things I thought we would never do. So here are a few things in my life where I said I would never...

1. Drink Diet Coke. It all started in college. My freshman roommate drank Diet Coke, and I swore I would never drink that stuff. Well, for the past 10 years, I am one happy girl if I have a cold can of Diet Coke.
2. Marry someone with hair on their chest. Needless to say, the love of my life may be known to have a few hairs on his torso.
3. Let the kids sleep in our bed. Though this isn't a nightly or weekly occurrence in our home (the boys share a room), I do love when Noah wants to come in our bed early in the morning to cuddle or Gavin calls out for me to come lay by him those last few minutes before we start our day. I know this won't last too much longer, so I love every minute of it.
4. Shop at Aldi. I swore I wouldn't be one of those shoppers running from store to store getting the best grocery deal. Well, once I started shopping at Aldi, I am addicted. They have great (usually consistent) prices. Just remember to bring your own bags and a quarter for a buggy!
5. Cut off our cable. David and I have had cable for our entire marriage. Well, God has been tugging at my heart for over a year to cut our cable and last month we did it! It hasn't been easy (the kids don't know life without a DVR), but as with anything, we will grow accustom to it soon enough.
6. Drive a minivan. Did I just admit that? Do I really own a minivan? This has definitely been the hardest one to swallow. Our Navigator gets horrible gas mileage, so we knew we had to make a change. Lord willing, we hope to have more children, so a minivan was the best and most economical option. This car is not the love of my life, but I love its practicality and usefulness.

I am sure there are many other things I have changed my opinion on over the years. Though there are many absolutes in my life, such as I will always stand firm on God's word, Pepsi is disgusting, and I will never root for the SC Gamecocks, I have realized that sometimes my opinions are a bit unfounded and prideful. So, what things have you said you would never?