Friday, April 20, 2012

Jesus Has Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter celebration this year. We spent the beginning of the weekend at David's parent's house relaxing and spending time with some extended family. Then, after the Masters concluded on Saturday, we headed back to our house, so David could go to bed...he had to be up at 4:30 am on Sunday! FCC had 3 services that were Spirit-filled and powerful. A lot of David's family were able to join us which was extra special. We had a family lunch, then spent the day relaxing, watching golf and enjoying the beautiful weather!

We attempted to get a family picture before David headed for a much needed nap. I am glad we got it, but it won't be a framer. Does anyone else feel pretty decent about your "size" when you're pregnant, but then, you see a picture of yourself and that all goes out the window?
After nap, we had the traditional Easter egg hunt. Aren't they growing up? Noah is obsessed with belts and tucking his shirt in. He also loves a tie...that was a battle he didn't win today!

My THREE children...I can't believe we are only 10 weeks away from having our next one! Yikes! Some days I don't think I'm cut out for handling two. Lord, give me the strength and patience!
The traditional bunny cake. He was struggling this year, but at least the tradition is kept alive!
Dying Easter eggs with Grammy.
Jesus is so good to me and Easter is always a perfect reminder of why I worship Him. Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness, grace and continual mercy. We celebrate You!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Zoo Trip (Minus the Animals)

As I stated in Gavin's birthday post, we headed to the Atlanta Zoo for his 3rd birthday this year. The day was beautiful and the zoo was crowded. Thankfully, we have great friends that live close by, so they joined us for a celebration. David took a lot of pictures of animals, but I will not be sharing those...I always think that's a waste of a picture. I mean, I like the animals and all, and the boys loved the pandas, but I'm a people person at heart. So, here's our zoo trip in picture form.

Thanks so much to our friends and family for joining us. Gavin is a special little boy and y'all sure made him feel that way! It was so fun to have all of our kids together too. That doesn't happen as often as I wish it could! Happy Birthday Gavin, again!