Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween and such

Hello all! Though I have been sitting on the couch for the last few weeks with a big cast on my foot, I have yet to do all of my blog updating as planned. The boys are at David's parents house for the night, so I have thought I better post some Halloween pics before the next holiday is upon us!

Noah had fun "carving" his pumpkin.

Halloween was just a few days after my surgery, so church wasn't an option that morning. So, the boys dressed up in their costumes and watched Toy Story!

Like many families, we too are infected with the Toy Story bug. Noah wanted to be Buzz so bad, so his Grammy got him the extra nice Buzz costume that has light up wings. I had other (free) costumes for Gavin, but thought it only appropriate that he was Woody!

Our trick-or-treating crew

Noah did such a great job leading the little ones around the neighborhood. He walked so much that the poor thing got leg cramps that night!

I know this isn't a face shot of Gavin, but I had to capture Gavin's determination at keeping that silly hat on. He walked around with his hand on his head most of the night.

And last and definitely least, here is a picture of my cast and my LIFE-SAVING knee scooter. I have crutches for short distances, but this invention has saved me over the past three weeks. I can wheel around the house and do about anything. You should see people look at me at the store!!! Who knew a scooter could be so intriguing!