Monday, March 15, 2010

Gavin's First Birthday

My baby boy is 1 year old! Part of me feels like he was born yesterday and another part of me feels as if he is has been with us all along. We have had a truly blessed, God-ordained weekend celebrating Gavin's first year of life. I know that may sound silly seeing that it is a birthday party for a one year old...who doesn't even know what is going on. But for David and I, this particular celebration was different in the fact that it was the first time we had our friends from back home and here in Seneca join us for a milestone in our family's life. We had people gather from all over to honor our little man. What a blessing it was! Thank you to everyone who came. It was truly a pleasure having you here with us.

We took so many pictures of the weekend festivities, so there is no way for me to document them in the blog. I do have a few to share at the end, but I uploaded a ton more on Facebook. Instead of overloading the blog with (too many) pictures, I thought I would share a little about the man of the hour.

Gavin has totally changed my life! As many of you know, our family was quite shocked to find out that Gavin would be joining our family. I was so overwhelmed about having a second child that I had a hard time accepting this truth. How would it be possible to love another little boy as much as I love Noah? How was I going to handle two children now that I was living in a new place without my parents close by? Is this really your plan God? Really???? God is SO faithful and sovereign. God completely prepared David and I for this journey over the past year. Gavin fits perfect into the Odom clan. God knew exactly who we needed in our lives. Gavin is super laid-back, very adventurous, tender-hearted, and so easy to love. His smile definitely lights up a room. He is precious, and he is mine! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Oh how my babies have changed in one year!

I had to share a picture of the cake!
He loved his cake!
Here we are opening presents. Noah liked this part!
The traditional birthday pancakes
He really is such a happy baby! What a sweet smile! Happy Birthday my baby!