Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

We head to Back to School tonight to meet Noah's (2nd) Kindergarten teacher, so I thought I would post some pics from his (1st) Kindergarten Graduation.  Noah had a wonderful year with Ms. Mahl.  It was the perfect decision for him to double up on kindergarten.  He learned how to read, really enjoys math, and became more and more confident in the classroom setting.  Oh Noah, can be silly with the best of 'em, so another year to grow in maturity will not hurt a bit.  

Getting ready to toss his graduation hat!
 Noah and his best bud! We will really miss seeing him every day!
 Thanks for a great year Ms. M!
 Mimi and Paka came to celebrate.
 The two amigos!  Gavin can't wait to start at Trinity this year!