Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, but I have come to the conclusion that I'll get to it when I get to it.  One thing that being a mother of three boys is teaching me (or trying to teach me) is that I need to loosening up.  I can't control everything and there are only so many hours in the day.  I really do love to commemorate special occasions in our family and share current pictures of the kiddos, but getting it done is next to impossible.  So, I'll share the pictures I have on this camera. I'll get the pictures off of my phone and David's camera someday soon...no promises on when it will actually happen.  

Fall has been a great time for our family.  We've visited St. Louis, Orlando, Tennessee, and GA.  We've been able to have lots of time with our extended family as well as hang out at the house and watch some football.  David's run 2 races and 3 mud runs (and lost close to 20 lbs.).  Levi is a super sweet 5 month old.  He's a horrible, I mean horrible sleeper, but what can you do.  At least when he's awake, he's an absolute joy to be around.   He is rolling over, loves his jumper and is starting to reach for things.   Noah looks more like a big kid everyday and is really enjoying school.  Gavin's favorite toy is Noah or anything Noah likes.  He is starting to enjoy academic activities and loves to practice writing his "G's".  We have had some intense coloring contests around the kitchen table and some mean games of Go Fish!  Levi just woke up from his nap...I'll be back...

Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving.  David took half of the pictures with his camera, so forgive me for my limited selection. 
Noah dressed as a Native American for his Thanksgiving Feast at school.  
His name was Lightening Horse. 

 The Boyle clan met for Thanksgiving in Smithville, TN.  We had a great time eating, hiking, playing cards, and laughing.  Boy, did we laugh!  There's nothing like being with your family!

Noah headed out on a hike.
 The best shot I got with Mimi and Paka and the kiddos...
 I have so many precious pictures of my dad with Gavin.  He's so good and patient with him.
 Forcing a smile after a long hike.
 Two pictures of Paka!  That's a record.
Hopefully I'll share some more special memories soon!  Until then, let me go tend to a hungry group of kiddos!