Monday, August 13, 2012

Life With The Boys

Obviously, my blog has been thrown to the wayside lately!  Levi is supposed to be eating right now...but I'm going to let him sleep a wee bit longer, so I can update this thing!  Our days have been filled with swimming, playing Candyland, napping and trying to relax.  Levi has fit nicely into our routine!  We've moved him into his room, so we are all sleeping a bit better.  I feel like both the big boys have grown up on me over night.  They are both swimming without any floaties, buckling themselves into the car, picking out their own clothes... It is so helpful that they are independent, but at the same time, it's sad that they are needing me less.  Kindergarten is right around the corner!

I have been lousy with my real camera lately, so here are some pictures captured by friends and family!

My little fish

 I LOVE this picture of Gavin!

We visited with my Uncle Garry and his family to celebrate his 70th birthday.  His oldest granddaughter ( which I think is my 2nd cousin) is an excellent photographer at the age of 13.  Here are some of her great shots of the boys!

Happy Summer to all!  We are headed to New York in 13 days!  We are pumped and hoping little man learns to like his car seat!