Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter 2009 (Part 4 of 4)

There are 4 new blog posts below. These are pictures to go with the events I talked about in my last blog. Sorry I overloaded you all, but I figured I should get them all up before Christmas pictures come along. I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

My sweet baby is 9 months old! I can 't believe it.

He is crawling everywhere and is standing up "hands free" a lot. We will see if walking comes soon. I am okay with just crawling though!

Noah is officially 2 and a half! He is going to kill me for this picture someday!

The boys and Santa. It actually turned out better than expected.

*Check out the three other posts below!

Winter 2009 (Part 3 of 4)


Noah loved the slide...

and he couldn't get enough of the rock wall! What a big boy!

Nate having fun.

Gavin even got in on the action.

The boys opening presents

Nate loved his watch! Success!

Winter 2009 (Part 2 of 4)


The boys in their Christmas pjs in front of Rhonda and Gary's tree.

The great-grans

The whole group...and we are all looking!

Grammy and Poppy with their 5 grandkids

Winter 2009 (Part 1 of 4)


Gavin's first Thanksgiving!

Mimi and Paka with the boys! What a great pic!

The whole group

Noah and Paka at the waterfall. It was beautiful!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Getting There

For those of you who still check our blog, which may be few and far between these days because I am doing such a poor job updating it, I will be posting some fun pics soon. We, like everyone else, have been super busy so far this holiday season. Our travels have been blessed and special to say the least...but I am one tired momma! Thankfully, the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas will be at home! Now I will keep busy here!

We headed to Smithville, TN for our Thanksgiving celebration with mom, dad, Scott, Ab and Nate. Abatha found us a beautiful cabin tucked away in the mountains (yet close enough for me to make 4 trips to Wal-Mart in 3 days!). We enjoyed playing games, eating tons and taking a beautiful hike. The three girls even headed to Wal-Mart the morning after Thanksgiving. We got a few deals...maybe I will venture out earlier next year for the good stuff!

The first weekend in December we headed to Greenwood for the Lankford Christmas. Most of David's mom's side of the family were able to make the trip. I am especially thankful for this bunch because they remind me so much of my New York extended family...loud and fun!

I spent the next week in Gwinnet catching up with some fun friends and doing some Christmas shopping. I definitely feel like Seneca is my home, but I am definitely not used to the lack of shopping that encompasses this place. I need a Target bad!

Then, all of the troops (mom, dad, David, Noah, Gavin and myself) piled in the Navigator and drove to St. Louis to celebrate Nate's birthday and celebrate our Christmas. The kids did great on both legs of the trip...I on the other didn't win the award for best attitude. The Lord is really convicting me of how I act when I am irritable!

Now we are home sweet home and spending time with friends here and gearing up for the big day! I love my life!

I will post some pics to go along with these reviting events as soon as I get them downloaded off the camera. Stay tuned!