Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Great Trip

The boys, mom and I headed to St. Louis for a visit with Scott and his fam! As always, the trip was highly anticipated by all. Because of the boys' excitement, the car ride up was particularly annoying...I think it hadn't been 10 minutes after leaving my parent's house that Noah asked where The Arch was. He asked how many hotels we would see on our way, so I said 100. Yes, he then began to count the hotels we passed. Time is such a hard thing to grasp for the little ones! Once we arrived, all was well with the world and the three amigos settled right in to their normal task of playing. I mean, those three can play together like no one's business. I'm so glad that they truly enjoy each other's company.

We always do a lot of fun things when we are at Scott and Ab's and this time was no different. We made our second zoo attempt on St. Patty's day and this is when I got most of my pictures. Lots of green people!
Lila is too much. I mean, I could eat her up!
Mimi and two of her 4 grandkids. Look at how tall Nate is!
I asked the boys to make a silly face. This is when Nate decided to give a perfect smile!
Lila's outfits are too perfect. I have informed Abatha that if I have a girl, I will be in need of a personal tutorial on where she shops!
I actually took pictures of all of the adults too! We do exist!
I love my family and I love spending time with them. If only it could be more often! It's hard to believe that the next time we visit together, there will be another little one in the mix!

My "Baby" is Three!

My littlest one is three! To be out of the toddler stage, for a short period, is crazy. I feel like my Gavey grew-up over night. I am so blessed to be his momma!

We started off the big day with our traditional birthday pancakes! He is so proud that he can hold up three fingers!
A few presents for the big man. (If you are around us long enough, you will see that my kids rarely ever wear all of their clothes...hope it's not offensive!)
We had a great lunch with David and friends, took a nap, and headed to my parents that evening. Thankfully, we also got to see Kortney and her kiddos at the park while we were there! The birthday boy blew out his candle and ate an awesome cupcake!
Gavin, You are one special little boy! I love that you love to cuddle with me and give me lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you for asking to hold my hand when we are together. Though are personalities are quite different, thank you for teaching me new things about myself and for challenging me (and for testing my patience often :-) You are such a gift, and you are going to make an awesome big brother and a PERFECT middle child!!! I love you Gav-Man!

*More pictures from his party at the zoo in a later post!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Kitchen "Remodel"

I have wanted to change the color of our kitchen for awhile now. The remodelers did a good job picking neutral colors for the house, so it wasn't a necessity to paint immediately. The kitchen was a dark gray/green color. I wanted to lighten the room up a bit, so I picked a "muted" olive color. We also added beadboard around the table nook, so the wall didn't take such a beating from the chairs. is much BRIGHTER than I imagined... I am getting used to it, but I don't think it's what I expected. I am also super frugal, so spending money on repainting is not an option at this point. Hopefully, with each passing day, I will be happy with our choice. On that note, if you come over to our house, please compliment the color. The last man than came over said, "Well, I just don't like green." What a perfect thing to say!

The before shot.
The collage wall before new paint.
In the process. Beadboard is not easy to put up-especially when you live in an older home with warped walls! Good job dad!
The boys had to get on their tool belts to help out. Our friend Kevin from church is a master carpenter and came over to lend a hand.
The finished product, plus the mess.
The finished wall.
We'll see how it goes! At least it's brighter... a lot brighter!