Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Kitchen "Remodel"

I have wanted to change the color of our kitchen for awhile now. The remodelers did a good job picking neutral colors for the house, so it wasn't a necessity to paint immediately. The kitchen was a dark gray/green color. I wanted to lighten the room up a bit, so I picked a "muted" olive color. We also added beadboard around the table nook, so the wall didn't take such a beating from the chairs. Well...it is much BRIGHTER than I imagined... I am getting used to it, but I don't think it's what I expected. I am also super frugal, so spending money on repainting is not an option at this point. Hopefully, with each passing day, I will be happy with our choice. On that note, if you come over to our house, please compliment the color. The last man than came over said, "Well, I just don't like green." What a perfect thing to say!

The before shot.
The collage wall before new paint.
In the process. Beadboard is not easy to put up-especially when you live in an older home with warped walls! Good job dad!
The boys had to get on their tool belts to help out. Our friend Kevin from church is a master carpenter and came over to lend a hand.
The finished product, plus the mess.
The finished wall.
We'll see how it goes! At least it's brighter... a lot brighter!

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