Thursday, March 22, 2012

My "Baby" is Three!

My littlest one is three! To be out of the toddler stage, for a short period, is crazy. I feel like my Gavey grew-up over night. I am so blessed to be his momma!

We started off the big day with our traditional birthday pancakes! He is so proud that he can hold up three fingers!
A few presents for the big man. (If you are around us long enough, you will see that my kids rarely ever wear all of their clothes...hope it's not offensive!)
We had a great lunch with David and friends, took a nap, and headed to my parents that evening. Thankfully, we also got to see Kortney and her kiddos at the park while we were there! The birthday boy blew out his candle and ate an awesome cupcake!
Gavin, You are one special little boy! I love that you love to cuddle with me and give me lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you for asking to hold my hand when we are together. Though are personalities are quite different, thank you for teaching me new things about myself and for challenging me (and for testing my patience often :-) You are such a gift, and you are going to make an awesome big brother and a PERFECT middle child!!! I love you Gav-Man!

*More pictures from his party at the zoo in a later post!

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