Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Holiday Season

As with most families, we had an especially busy month of December. With Noah in preschool, I felt like we had something special every week to celebrate the season. There is nothing quite like watching your little one up on "stage" performing sweet songs of thanksgiving and celebration.

Though this was back before Thanksgiving, I couldn't help include Noah dressed up like a pilgrim for his Thanksgiving performance.

Noah also had a couple of performances at school for Christmas. First, he performed at a nursing home, and then they had their performance at school. We only have one picture from this because we have about 2 hours of video footage!
Gavin participated in his first CBS Christmas performance and might I say, played his bells just perfect!!!
They both did great performing in front of crowds which is a trait they must have received from their dad. I vividly remember crying through my entire performance as Rudolph in preschool!

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