Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The BIG 3-0 (Part 1)

My wonderful hubby leaped into his 30's last week! I will admit that I was a bit brutal with my constant teasing, but it was all in fun and mostly to ward off the reality that this, too, is in my near future. I have yet to collect pictures from the fun surprise gathering I threw for David last weekend, so I will share a few from our low key family night.

Most of the birthday festivities I planned played out a week or so before David's actual birthday. Thursday was his official birthday. He was able to take the day off to play golf with his dad and Papaw. We also went out to dinner with some good friends and followed it up with some cake and ice cream. I love celebrating (other people's) birthdays, so overall, we had a great time doting on David!

Stay tuned for the Surprise Party! It was great!

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