Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Only Child (for a week)

Noah has been at "Cousin's Camp" at his Grammy and Poppy's this last week. They are keeping Noah (4), Lauren(9) and Reagan (5). Every time that I get to talk to him (which isn't much), they are doing some cool activity! He is either going to be worn out when he gets home or expect me to go out more!!! Though I don't prefer Noah to be gone, I knew it would be good for me to surrender a bit of control as well as spend some good quality time with Gavin. I love both my boys so much, but since Gavin was the second born, he obviously hasn't gotten as much one-on-one attention as Noah. In some aspects, I don't feel like I know his as well as I do Noah. I have loved every bit of this week. Here are some things I have discovered or rediscovered about my "Gav-Man"!
1. Gavin enjoys helping me around the house. He has helped make breakfast a few times, put things in the trash and helped out with the laundry. I love a cheerful worker!
2. Gavin loves to read books. We always read before nap and bed, but I admit that sometimes if it is late, books go out the window. This boy could sit down and read 10 books and want to read more.
3. Gavin is very in tune with his senses. He can smell food from a mile away, is very particular on things he touches, and notices different sounds all around us. I love when he says, "What's that smell?" with his nose crinkled up or "What's that sound?" when my knees pop as I am doing sit-ups!
4. Gavin is my cuddler. I have known this all along, but we have had some special cuddle time this week together. I love that there is no place he would rather be than cuddling with me after his nap!
5. Gavin is a bit more shy in public without his big brother. We swam on Tuesday and it took my little fish a good hour to warm up to some of his friends. He was also very laid back at Story Time yesterday. It was almost like he didn't know what to do.
6. Gavin is a prayer warrior! Before we go to bed each night, we each say a prayer together. With 4 of us praying, it can be a bit lengthy. Well, this week, Gavin has taken full advantage of the extra air time, so he prays and prays and prays. If you need prayer, let me know and I will pass it on to Gavin!
This week has allowed me special quality time with him, but also has reminded me that I need to make a conscience effort to remember the things that he loves to do and incorporate them into our routine. I love my little man...and I am SO ready for his brother to be home!

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  1. loved this post, amanda.
    so thankful for blogs!
    gavin looks so much like your dad to me!

    oh, i miss the days of talking to you frequently. we are so overdue for a good catch up chat!