Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello blog friends! Sorry for the hiatus, but you know how it goes! We have been having a blast so far this summer. To say that we are outside all of the time is an understatement. Between baseball, pool stuff, and popsicles, our family can't get enough of the outdoors...with one exception...mosquitos!

The boys were momentarily satisfied with the blow-up pool in our front yard!
Once they played in a "real" pool, they just can't get enough. We are so thankful that we have great friends that are so generous to invite us!
God has truly blessed us with great friends at our church. The Crooks family has a farm and invited a crew of us out there for Farm Day 2011. There was a lot of excitement and fun had by all!
They have A LOT of Power Wheels toys, so the boys get a good fix when they are there!
Noah informed me that he wants the motorcycle (in the above picture) and the helmet (in the below picture) for his birthday!
David manned the Zip Line!

The boys ended the night with a pony ride! Great times! Thanks Crooks family!

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