Friday, April 8, 2011

Today is the Day...

...For the boys to get a major haircut! Both of the boys hair is long(er) for 2 reasons. First, they both have great hair! Noah's is thick, full of body and does this great "swoop" thing. Gavin's is perfectly straight and super silky. The second reason is that I am cheap!!! Between David and the boys, we spend at least $30 every 4-5 weeks for haircuts. So, I have been cutting the little boys' hair for awhile now (Gavin has never been to have his first "official" haircut!) .

But a las, all good things shall come to an end or at least a trim! Sweet Gavin's hair is driving him nuts, and Noah's is just a bit uneven. David was fiddling with our camera the other night, so we have some great before pictures.

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