Sunday, April 28, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: Christmas 2012

I look back at the pictures I took at Christmas and I am a bit disappointed.  We have been taking less pictures and more videos at these times, which is good and not so good.  I love having tons of videos capturing the boys at each age, and I know I will cherish these memories when I can't seem to recall how Gavin says "bicycble"or Levi squishes his nose.  So, here are some random shots from Christmas.

The boys on Christmas morning
 The goofy Odom crew
 Lauren loves Levi and is so helpful!
 Mamaw and Papaw
 The Odom girls
 The Odom crew
I love Christmas time, but don't want Christmas 2013 to come too quickly.  God is overwhelming me with the idea to enjoy the here and now.  So, I'm looking forward to April 29, 2013!


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