Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm not sure how April 28th is here.  Our winter/spring has been filled with ups and downs, projects and hospitals.  Here's a recap...

January: We began the process of finishing our unfinished basement.  My house was filled with sawdust, loud tools, lots of man chatter and long lists for the hardware store.  The month ended with a beautiful playroom and bedroom...and Gavin swallowing a gold token.

February:  Gavin had a few x-rays that confirmed his token was staying put.  After a consult with the pediatric surgeon, Gavin went under so the token could be retrieved.  

March:  Gavin celebrated his fourth birthday, we visited with the Boyles in Nashville, and I decided my foot needed some more help. I've had chronic pain in my right foot and ankle for 7 plus years.  The surgery I underwent a few years ago made things a bit worse, so after chatting with a new doctor, another surgery was scheduled.  I had a cast on for three weeks and now I'm in a boot for 3 weeks.  No driving, walking, showering...the knee scooter is my friend!

April: We've celebrated birthdays galore, enjoyed the company of all the grandparents, been blessed with many meals from friends and started our first season of t-ball.  And May, June and July look to be just as busy! 

 Here's some Easter pics for your enjoyment.

Easter egg dying time!  He's the hottest egg dyer there is!

 Traditional Easter Family Pics
Gavin was so funny hunting eggs.  He opened each egg to see what was inside.  There was no rush in his step.  He picked up 10 and Noah picked up the rest.  Noah found money in one of his! 
A picture that captures the boys as they are at this age!

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