Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Year of the Superhero

Noah knew what he was going to be for Halloween last spring...Spiderman. As much as I fought the idea in my mind of the boys being obsessed with superheros, I knew the time was going to come sooner or later. Thankfully, Gavin is pretty flexible, so I picked a superhero costume that came in the right size and was a decent price. Grammy bought the boys their costumes which is such a blessing because my boys are in some sort of costume 99% of the time when we are at home. These superheroes costumes will be well loved.

Noah's preschool had a fall festival/trunk-or-treat the Wednesday before Halloween. We had a great time visiting with friends, eating cotton candy and of course, getting some candy of our own.
Many of our friends headed over to our house on Halloween night to eat supper together and then head to a great neighborhood in the area for trick-or-treating. Our house was busting at the seams, but a great time was had by all!
The boys did such a great job trick-or-treating. They knew the routine... "Say trick-or-treat, get your candy, remember to say thank you!"
The star of this shot is my boys' obsession...Kylie! She is a the same age as Noah, and I am confident in saying that she is his first crush. She also attends Noah's preschool, so each day when he gets in the car, he updates me with statements like, "I smiled at Kylie and she waved at me." Now, Gavin is on the hunt for her as well. Yesterday he informed me that he was putting on some chapstick, so he could give Kylie a kiss!!!
Some of the sweet mommas!
The boys have already decided that they will be the Hulk and Zurg next year, I mean Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper, I mean Scar and Simba... They talk about it all the time, so we'll have to wait and see!!!

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