Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2013

Yes... this is ONE YEAR LATE!  I laugh that I even post this, but one day when I want to ponder my life with these three youngsters, I'll be glad I documented life at all!!!!

The month of December in 2013 was completely full and wonderful.  We visited with a ton of family, enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve service at church, and enjoyed seeing the boys' faces light up on Christmas morning.  Thank you Jesus for a wonderful holiday season and forgive for doing a horrible job taking pictures!

My sweet family after our Christmas Eve service. 
Cookies, carrots and milk for the big guy and his pets! 
 Christmas morning
 Levi picked out the perfect gifts to give his brothers!
 And BUNK BEDS!  The two builders thought this project would take a hour or so to put together.  Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck that the boys would wake up to Santa hammering, sawing, etc. and it took longer than 1 hour...  
 I did a pitiful job taking pics at David's parents house!  Gavin did get Hulk hands, which I love...
 Levi enjoying his first experience with chocolate gravy!
 After celebrating in Seneca and Greenwood, we made the trek to St. Louis to enjoy time with the Boyles.  It was a WONDERFUL time, filled with fun, chaos and snow.  And somehow, Mimi and Paka ended up with three of kids every night at the hotel.  It was a mini-retreat for the younger adults!
 And the one lone picture I got of the 5 kiddos right before we headed home!  I vow to take millions of pics on our trip to Disney!!! What a wonderful December!

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