Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall 2013 (Part 2)

Hopefully once I get caught up, I can keep up with my's hard for me to think what was going on a year ago!  Thankfully the Lord allowed someone to invent the camera.  I can't imagine my life without memories captured through photos!

The Season of Dress-Up

My kids seem to have to "dress-up" a lot for school.  I feel like they wear their pajamas to school once a month.  This is a problem because the older they get, the less likely they are to wear pajamas at all!  It's an added bonus if they match!
 Career day!
 Wacky Day!
 Gavin's Fall Festival
 I admit that I love for my children's Halloween costumes to coordinate. I know it's super silly and completely unnecessary, but if I can get the boys to agree to my "theme" I'm pretty excited.  Last year's attire was by far my favorite.  We were The Band.  They even let me paint their fingernails black!  So fun!!!
My little drummer!
 This picture reminds me of David's crazy beard.  Hopefully he won't participate in No Shave November this year!

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