Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Summer Fun (2013)

We had a wonderful summer full of vacations and visits from family. When we weren't out-of-town, we spent our time at the pool with friends, enjoyed our newly finished basement and colored lots of pictures.

We also...

...had a blast at the mud course at our local park.
 ...enjoyed celebrating David's birthday at the old faithful Olive Garden.
 ...celebrated at home.  Happy 32nd Birthday Babe!
 ...drew wonderful drawings.  This drawing in particular makes me a bit teary.  Noah is starting to truly get "it" when it comes to the truth of Jesus.  He drew this picture while he was supposed to be napping.  The other reason I get a bit teary is that I was really upset at him for not napping, and then he showed me the picture he drew.  Mommy fail...I think the picture was much more important than the nap!
 ...had fun with friends.  Noah will hate me for this picture one day!
...ate McDonald's after a great 6 year old check-up.  Noah is so glad he doesn't have to get any more shots until he's 11.  

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