Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baseball 2013

Noah joined his first t-ball team last spring.  The boy loves sports!  If he could be outside playing football, soccer, baseball, basketball or golf at all times, he'd be a happy camper.  His favorite sport varies with what time of year it is and seems to coincide with whatever sport David is playing at church.  So, when this little guy got a glove, some baseball pants, and his own helmet, he was in heaven.  David id great with kiddos, so he was willing to coach the team.  I'm not sure if he'll be able to coach baseball when they actually "play" the game, but for now, David enjoys teaching the kids to run the bases.

 Ready for their first game.
 I'm sure the first of many pictures posed with a bat!
And of course, we had to get some black eye block.

Noah got 4 homeruns and a bazillion base hits...granted there were no players covering any base and their were no outs in the game.  Go Rays!

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