Friday, May 11, 2012

Baseball Fever

Baseball is here and I am feeling it!  I LOVE the Braves and have even enjoyed a going to a couple of Clemson baseball games since we have lived here.  It has been a recent tradition for us to go to the Braves game for my birthday.  This year the game just happened to be on opening day.  Wow!  We had perfect seats, perfect weather, perfect food, and we won!  It was a great evening...even though I was celebrating turning 30!

The festivities for opening day are awesome!  Chipper lead the team out onto the field during a fireworks display, the giant American was a great environment!
 The boys were ready to catch some foul balls!
 The men!  
 Mimi and the boys
Family photo op!
 Our silly pose...Gavin chose to act asleep!
I had to include this picture of a random stranger.  This man was at the game all by himself with a 3 month old baby.  He stayed until the very last inning (which was over around 11:15 pm).  She was an angel the entire time.  I can just imagine the conversation with his wife went something like, "You aren't going to the game unless you take her with you."  To which he replies, "We'll see you later!"  What a devoted fan!

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