Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I LOVE celebrating "holidays" with my kiddos. Of course, once I met David and found my forever Valentine, I have enjoyed this holiday more than my high school and college years. But now that the kids are into all the hoopla surrounding special days, I take pure pleasure in doing the day up with all sorts of themed food and special treats.

We started our day with heart-shaped boberry biscuits from Bojangles courtesy of Mimi!
Then, the boys and I headed to Noah's class for a special Valentine's Day party.
After going through Noah's Valentines, having lunch, and an extra long nap, we ate our traditional Valentines' supper...beef dip sandwiches, tater tots, and green beans!
We had a wide-variety of sweets to munch on this year.
David and I went out on a date on Monday to celebrate our 8th valentines together. Where does the time go? There is no one I would rather spend my time with. He continually amazes me, and I fall more in love with him each day...really! He is my all-time favorite!

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