Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pomp turns the big 6-0

My dad is the best...really, I mean, I have the best dad in the world! Though he says he doesn't feel a day over 18, his physical body celebrated its 60th birthday last month. We were able to celebrate together with a surprise party in New York with family and then had another great party with more family and friends back in GA. I love celebrating my dad. He is such a generous man, so I was happy to honor him with a few shindigs just for him.

My Aunt Karen came up with the brilliant idea to surprise my dad while we were up in New York to celebrate his birthday. We all gathered at the cottage and waited on Scott to bring him to us. He was surprised...
We made a special picture frame for him with birthday messages.
I know that is was so special for dad to celebrate his birthday with his mom!
Mom and I put together Party #2 for Pomp!
I enjoyed doing the decorating for the party. Fall was our theme!
We had lots of longtime friends come to celebrate and close family too. Dad got some cools gifts...lots of wine...I didn't even know he liked wine!

We love you dad and hope you had a great birthday! Here's to many, many more!

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