Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Mess

God completely surprised us with Gavin, but boy am I glad He did. Gavin is 21 months old now and is becoming his own little person. To say this child is busy, is an understatement. He will sit down and watch a Mickey Mouse every so often and he does enjoy a good book, but unless he is sleeping or eating, he is getting into something. I have found him a handful of times in the bathroom sink with the water running, on top of the kitchen counter "drawing", and most recently opening Christmas presents that have just been wrapped. Of course the mess he creates can be a bit unnerving and annoying, but I love his fearless, free spirit.

We are working on the smile.
I had to get a picture before discipline time came!
He enjoyed my nieces' presents a bit more than his own!
I love you Gavin! Your smile is infectious and I love that you still like to cuddle!

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