Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello Blog World! Have You Forgotten Me?

So, I know in past posts I have commented on my lack of posting due to busyness. Well people, I haven't known busy until the last couple months of my life. So, I thought I would catch you up with our family's goings on in a collection of declarative/exclamatory sentences.

1. We have had magnificent vacations in the month of August and September, but we are SO glad to be home.
2. The last vacation was to the beach to celebrate my mom's birthday, and thanks to mom, Aunt Jane and Abatha, it was so relaxing.
3. On August 30th, David and I purchased a home in Seneca, SC! It is amazing how good it feels to feel completely settled in our present season.
4. My foot has been broken for about 3 and 1/2 months now, so on October 27th, I will have surgery on my foot. This surgery will hopefully fix the bunion (which caused the break).
5. I may be in a cast for 6 weeks. That means all baths and no driving!
6. My arthritis seems to be "spreading" to my right hand, so after the surgery, I will be starting a drug to help keep my symptoms at bay.
7. Church is awesome! I will be starting up the Mom 'n Tots group in the next month or so. I am excited about the possibilities of this ministry, but also a bit anxious about how to help it become successful.
8. Gavin is a mess. He loves to sing "Baby" by Justin Beiber. He is addicted to juice and could play the guitar all day.
9. The boys share a room in our new house. Every one out of two nights is a disaster. I hope to increase our success rate soon.
10. Noah can write his own name and loves to color. He definitely enjoys playing outside and going to his class at Community Bible Study. He doesn't like to take naps. I have a battle everyday.

Hopefully I will add some pictures again some day...when I find my camera.

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  1. SO glad for the updates! i feel so out of touch. :( i miss you!!!!