Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Visits

Hello all! Like I said in my previous blog, we have been busy hanging out with family the last couple of months. God has definitely blessed us with a super family, so there's pretty much no other way to better spend our time.

The Boyle Clan
Scott, Ab and Nate came down for a long weekend at the beginning of May. Since we hadn't seen Nate since December, Noah was so excited for their visit. Those two played together perfectly. Gavin fit right in with the Legos and baseball playing too.

Gavin had a hard time standing up with helmet on. It was more for our entertainment.

So sweet!

Mimi and Paka and their boys on the way to the Gwinnett Braves game.

The kids (I use this term lightly) loved sledding down the hill at my parents house on cardboard. Its so nice to find cheap entertainment.

Like I said, the kids loved it...

Nate has never been to keen on holding Gavin all by himself. This trip, Nate was definitely even more "into" Gavin, walking around giving him kisses and even holding him. Maybe that's because... sweet brother and sister-in-law are having another little one! Yeah!

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