Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun times with ELMO!

David and I we able to take Noah to see Elmo LIVE in Clemson last night. Just the three of us went, so we were so excited to give him our undivided attention. I was highly impressed with the show that Sesame Street produced. The characters are excellent dancers and kept Noah's attention the entire show. The show was well worth the money...the "extras" were a different story. They were selling $10 Elmo balloons like they were going out of style. It was nuts!

Noah and David before the show. Noah looks excited, doesn't he???

The lights and colors were awesome!

Noah was pumped that Dorothy AND Mr. Noodle were there.

He pretty much sat with his mouth open the entire show!.

*Though the show was great, I will think again before taking him to something like this at night. I don't think he settled down to sleep much before 11:30. It was a fun way to spend the rest of the night to say the least!

Gavin turned 7 months old yesterday and is now using a combo of the army crawl and the real deal. I also found him standing up in his crib last night. I guess we will need to lower his mattress again, but we literally just lowered it 2 weeks ago because he started sitting up. What can I say, my boy is advanced! Here the two boys are playing together. I am so thankful for my 2 little guys ans it warms my heart to know they are already best buds!

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